Tanning Goals and Resolutions for 2013

With the New Year came a whole new schedule—I’m sure that rings true for many of us. We’re all trying to stay on task and ahead of the game with life and work. It is easy to stray from our original New Year’s resolutions and plans. The good news is we still have plenty of time to create a tanning plan and schedule that will allow us to get a deep, dark tan.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, be sure to use the proper tanning products to assist you in creating this new year, new you. Before each visit, whether it is in a sunbed or Sunless tanning booth, be sure to exfoliate your skin. The key to a healthy, glowing tan is to be sure to pick up a tanning lotion that will help your tan develop and a tan extender for after each tanning visit.

Sunless tanning is still a favorite of mine during the spring and summer months so I can have a quick, glowing tan for a date night, event or wedding. My favorite solution is the Medium, Clear with Hydration, and sometimes for an extra boost, I will get the Dark, Clear with Hydration. Don’t forget how easy it is to touch up at home; I use one of our Sunless Tanning sprays (all of them are great).

If you have any additional questions, be sure to ask one of our expert Tanning Consultants at your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon to help you find a product that works for your lifestyle and budget. Hurry in so you can restart or maintain your tanning resolutions into the spring and the rest of the year!

Let a Tanning Consultant help you find all the products that will be best for your skin at the price points that work best for your budget. There’s not a better way to Let Yourself Shine this year, so drop by your favorite Sun Tan City salon today, and get your tan on! Happy tanning!

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